Include Zero Dollar Procedures in Electronic Claim Files

Procedure Codes with $0 amounts are not displaying on Medicare EOBs or the Procedures Filed column in EDI Submission Management.
Problem Description
Medicare requires $0 procedure codes be transmitted electronically to the Medicare Claims Warehouse to meet requirements for incentive plans such as e-prescribing and ASC Quality Reporting Program.
If you use RelayHealth (formerly McKesson), CentricityEDI or Availity (using GE written plug-ins) as your clearinghouse for claims submission, you will need to ensure your system is setup to send charges with $0 fees; otherwise, the codes will not transmit to the carrier and you will not get credit for submitting them.  
If you utilize a HealthCo (HIS) plug-in to send claims to Availity or HCRNet, the $0 procedures are included by default.  No additional setup is required.
For GE Plug-ins Centricity EDI, Availity, or the McKesson (Relay Health) Clearinghouse to send electronic claims a setting is required on the Insurance Carrier, which sets the electronic claim creator plug-in to include codes with a zero dollar fee.  
Please note: you must have the claims plug-in installed and have security access to modify Insurance Carriers in Centricity to complete the steps below.
Insurance Carrier Settings
1. From Administration Insurance Insurance Carriers, find and select your Medicare carrier (or the carrier that requires the zero dollar procedures) and click Edit (or just double-click the insurance carrier).

2. Click the EDI tab.
3. In the File Creators section, select the line for your electronic claims.
Please note: if you use electronic eligibility or have more than one Company, you may have multiple lines in this section.  It is only necessary to modify the lines related to your Claims Clearinghouse.

4. Click Edit.
5. In the Insurance Carrier EDI window under Claims section, click the Settings button to the right of the Creator Plug-in field.
6. Under Other Settings check the box to Include Procedure(s) with Zero Dollar Fee.

7.     Select OK and OK two more times to save the changes to the Insurance carrier.
8.     Close the Insurance Carrier search window.


EDI Submission Management
To verify the $0 dollar procedure codes are passing in claim file, go to EDI Submission Management and search for the claim file. At bottom portion of the page look at Procedures Filed; if the claim has $0 dollar amount procedure codes they will display. The EOBs from the payer will show the $0 dollar amount procedure codes as well.